Friday, September 28, 2012

 David Berg bear crawling to EQ Cafe and back for leaving DNA on the bar. Pay close attention to his 3/4 denim cutoff jeans, horrific. And no, unlike the red shirt episode these are not Melissa's pants.

Workout of the day

Friday 28th September

5 Rounds
400m Run, rest 2 minutes


  1. A fashion sledge from Birchy??? That's a bit rich there Ice Ice Baby.

  2. The toe nail paint was cute, though.

  3. There are worse ways to leave your DNA behind ... said the employee of the fertility clinic .

  4. They must have shrunk in the dryer.

    One of your best Bronster.

  5. Bronster, those comments are reserved for Friday mobility class! Where were you?

  6. Looks like Mr Berg is still desperately searching for clues as to my true identity....

    And we have just received a phone call from the 1960's, they would like their shorts back please.