Monday, September 3, 2012

Workout of the day

Monday 3rd September

CrossFit Total


  1. Or in the case of a Crossfit total every gram or ounce.

    1. which you realise when you convert your kilo total into pounds and work out how close to a awesome number you were - only 5lbs off 500ibs. Next time Crossfit Total, next time.

  2. Hey Kandahar Crossfit is following 2600 programming. We did CF total today too.

    Can we get some action photos of old Number 6? I miss that guy and the girls over here don't believe the stories I've told about him.

  3. Great total, anyway, Chris! Sniper, the girls over there are right not to believe any of your stories. And who says we're willing to share him? :)

  4. Cookie: yeah right Sniper photos for the girls. You haven't been gone that long and you are already taking drastic steps. Go and find a nice camel!