Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday 29th September

HB Back Squat (Box) 5, 3, 2
]HB Back Squat 5 x 1

Monday 28th September

30 minute AMRAP: In groups of 3:
15 Deadlifts (40/30kg) 30 Thrusters (40/30kg)
45 HR Push-ups
3 Rope Climbs
1 Big  Block Run (with one plate per team (20/15kg)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

 Weekly Blog

On the weekend we had 12 Athletes compete at the Affiliate Allstars NSW Qualifier and finish 3rd and 11th both qualifying for the finals in Melbourne on the 28th November. Team 1 - consisted of Luke O, Neil P, Casey G, Kat B, Renae D, Mel C and Team 2 - Luke G, Big Trav, Olly, Nat, Sonya, Jodes. Heres a rundown on each of the workouts! Big thanks to Sonya and Kat for the writeup!!!

Day 1
Event 1: Each member completes 15cal row, once off the rower the athlete begins the combined totals, as each member comes off the rower they assist in what remains. Once TTb are complete, athlete 1 starts back on the rower and the cycle continues.
Text Box: Event 1: 3 Males/3 Females 8min AMRAP
15 Calorie Row
50 Shoulder to Overhead 50/30kg
60 Deadlifts 80/50kg
70 Toes to Bar
Team 1 - 8th for the guys (1), 4th for the girls (1A). Luke annihilated the row finishing 15cal in 15 strokes, pulling close to 3000cal/hr! The boys moved quickly and efficiently through the movements making it through the STO for the second round, quickly added the weight for the deadlifts but didn’t quite get started. Kat also rowed well staying over 2000cal/hr for a good bit of it! Renae and Kat managed to get all of the STO done and a good chunk of the dead’s before Mel even got to them! It worked well, as then she kicked fresh through the TTB, and before they knew it they got back to the rower, got through it again, STO hurt, lightning quick transition and then Kat started on the dead’s, holding on for dear life until time, giving us a 4th place finish!

Team 2 - The first event went smoothly with Olly and Lukey G smashing out their ‘first comp’ jitters. Both males and females made it back through the second row….groans of complaints followed from Jody…who dreaded more shoulder to overhead, after having nearly completed the first 50 before Nat and Son left the rower.

Text Box: Event 2: Congo style -any order 14min cap
30 Alt DB Snatch 25/15kg
30 Box Jump Overs 24’/20’
30 Wall Balls 20/14lbs
30 Front Rack Lunge 50/30kg
Event 2: The leg burner

Team 1 - 2nd place! Mel, Kat, Neil, Luke, Renae, Casey. Inter team competition. Mel just wanted to stay in front of Kat, Kat wanted to catch Mel, Neil wanted to catch Kat, Luke stayed right on Neil’s heels as did Renae, and Casey did not cave under pressure of having to bring up the rear and fought hard in the lunges to finish us off in 2nd our best event of the weekend!!

Team 2 - This leg burner left everyone a mess at the front rack lunge. This may be the WOD that destroyed Lukey… leaving him on his back, feet elevated, taking the occasional lap to alleviate his nausea. An awesome effort from the team though ensured everyone got through within the time frame.

Text Box: Event 3: MMM/FFF 13min cap
150 Double unders (50 each)
50 Power Cleans 70/45kg
120 Double unders (40 each)
40 Power Cleans 70/45kg
90 Double unders (30 each)
30 Power Cleans 70/45
Event 3:
Team 1 - 5th place. Again, an inter-team competition, the girls just wanted to catch the boys and there was no way in hell they were going to let “the bitches” (thanks Luke) catch them. They didn’t and thanks to their lightning quick DU, actually smashed the girls, staying well ahead.

Team 2 - Lukey seemed to recover by event 3 and the boys flew through this event, leaving the girls in the dust. Nat and Son tried to pull their weight in the power cleans, while Jody still smashed out the majority of the reps despite a sore Achilles. The highlight of this WOD was Trav’s double unders. After weeks of stressing in the lead up, the hard work payed off mate….smashing out 27 in a row and finishing each set easy.

Day 1
Event 4 & 5:
Team 1 - 9th. Luke and Kat, Mel and Pun, Renae and Casey. Everyone moved through fairly quick, with Neil and Mel’s synchronized OHS like something out of a textbook. Highlight of the workout was Casey who managed to kill his grip so much he fell off the pull up bar, but luckily the mats were pretty soft and like a trooper got back up and finished them off and we finished under the time cap.  He did scare us a little though. This was a workout Casey feared a little because of the 60kg OHS, but he absolutely killed it! All the practice paid off!

Straight into the complex our transition was quick. All 3 girls hit their pre determined 75, then with plenty of time to spare Kat managed to hit 80, and Mel so damn close! The boys started off well, Casey fought through the failing grip and hit 85, Pun 105 and Luke coming back from sickness just wasn’t on form and missed his 115. With the remaining time Pun managed to hit a PB for the complex at 120, which was very impressive, but unfortunately Luke missed out on a second lift in the time cap, which hurt our team placing 18th- something we will learn from for the future. Everyone needs to make a lift, which means sacrificing other lifts and heavier attempts, just so everyone can get something up.
Text Box: Event 4: MF/MF/MF 9min cap
25 Synchronised OH Squats 60/40kg
30 Synchronised KB Swings 24/16kg
25 Synchronised Pull-ups
1min transition into
Event 5: 3min for females/3min for males
1 rep max of:
1 Hang Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk
Team 2 - Trav and Jody set the pace as the first pair to go through this workout, followed by Nat and Lukey, who would have won the award for the most synchronised pull-ups of the day. Olly and Son managed to successfully complete the OH squats without Olly squishing her, as he had come very close to doing in their practice run.
In event 5 we got to see Trav (aka the hulk) morphing a ‘hands free’ clean with an unconventional front squat, after which he effortlessly push-presses 120kg….all while wearing a ‘RIG’ top….for video evidence check out Facebook…..

Text Box: Event 6: FFF/MMM 15min cap
60 Thrusters 40/35kg
30 Bar facing burpees
45 Thrusters 60/45kg
30 Bar facing burpees
30 Thrusters 80/55kg
30 Bar facings burpees
Event 6:
Team 1 - 6th place. We did well at this, the girls’ goal not to let the guys catch them (common theme). They managed to stay in front of the hard charge. Casey had planned to just do 1’s for the last set of thrusters at 80 but stepped up to the challenge and knocked out sets of 3! Neil got a mention from a judge ‘he is so strong! He looks small but then he is doing those thrusters faster than any of the bigger guys! I’ve seen the bigger guys fail at those!’ (Sorry Pun, you’re not that small ;))

Team 2 - The strategy in this workout was to save Trav and Jody for the last set of thrusters. Once the females hit the 55kg platform Nat found a second wind taking on large sets of the heavy weight and the girls moved to the finishing mat. The boys moved straight onto the last platform and Trav threw 80kg thrusters around as you’d imagine. Lukey and Oly also pumped out a few reps and they ended up with a good score.

Text Box: Event 7: M/F/M/F/M/F 8min cap
Male 1 – 10 Bar Muscle up + 6 Snatch (60kg)
Female 1 -10 Bar Muscle up + 6 Snatch (45kg)
Male 2 - 10 Bar Muscle up + 4 Snatch (80kg)
Female 2 -10 Bar Muscle up + 4 Snatch (55kg)
Male 3 - 10 Bar Muscle up + 2 Snatch (100kg)
Female 3 -10 Bar Muscle up + 2 Snatch (65kg)
Event 7:
Team 1 - 4th place! Last workout, Neil, Renae, Luke, Kat, Casey, Mel.
Neil & Renae smashed out the Bar MU going unbroken with beautiful form!! Luke killed it too in 2 sets. Kat got through them getting Casey to the bar, who then smashed them out (despite thinking he wouldn’t be able to do them because of grip), getting Mel to the bar (who didn’t think she would have to even do any, and was subsequently “shitting” herself after being calm all weekend). She then managed to knock out her first linked bar MU! Unfortunately Casey hadn’t planned on getting to where he was and couldn’t do the 100kg snatches, but the time cap was soon up, but we did well maxing out our potential of where we could get to on that workout, with this being our equal second best result of the weekend! Great finish!

Team 2 - Everyone finished with a serious bang on the final workout. During practice we hadn’t made it past the second female. Lukey took the lead smashing out 10 unbroken bar muscle ups, followed by Nat, then Trav who also cruised through them quickly. The star of this workout was Jody, not getting one muscle up in practice, she got through 10 with plenty of time spare. Around about Jodys 5th muscle up Olly and Son started panicking realising they might actually have to do something so they both did a quick start block warm up. With a bit over a minute left Olly moved through the muscles ups, but decided not to have a crack at the 100kg snatch. Awesome effort from the team, we surprised ourselves with that one.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 25th September

30 minute AMRAP: In pairs
8 Muscle-ups
16 Burpee Box Jumps
32 Wall Balls (9/6kg)
200m Run

Friday 25th September

For time: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
KB Swings (32/24kg)
Toes to Bar
Slam Ball Shoulders (9/6kg)

Wednesday 23rd September

Strict Press 5 x 3

Tuesday 22nd September

5 rounds: 3 minutes on/off: 2,4,6,… Deadlift (75/50kg) Power Clean & Push Jerk (75/50kg) Wallwalk Plate Twists (20/15kg)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome to 2600's Weekly Blog ... Each week we'll be posting articles that will address different aspects of training, educate you in why we do the things we do or just entertain you!


Before we think about whether stretching or mobility is the way to improve your movement we need to look at the difference between the two.

Stretching: focuses on lengthening short and tight muscles.

Mobility: includes stretching, but takes a more full-body approach, looking at all elements that may limit functional movement. Often movement restriction isn't due to short and tight muscles, but more likely these deficiencies are caused by soft tissue restrictions, joint capsule restrictions, motor control problems, joint range of motion dysfunction or neural dynamic issues.

"Old school" train of thought within the fitness industry was that stretching was the be all and end all, we now realise that stretching is only one component and generally further down the triage line than the above mentioned. So in short, "mobility" addresses all of these issues.


Mobility should be done daily for 10-15 minutes. Whether you hit it before a workout, after a workout or sitting at home in front of the TV will depend upon the individual, what the workout is and what mobility piece you are doing. Some mobility drills are not appropriatepre-WOD and some are absolutely necessary.


We provide everything you need at the gym. The essentials for your home and travel kit:
  • One lacrosse ball (or similar)
  • Two additional lacrosse balls taped together
  • Foam Roller (or poly pipe)
  • Thick Band
The lacrosse balls are available from MoveHappy (the amazing Physio & Osteo team next door to us!) and Troy from GymQuip in Fyshwick will help you out with any bands you need.


This works on a case by case basis as everybody has a different starting point and different requirements, you'll get to know your body and your essential drills.
  • Talk to our coaches to work out what will benefit you the most
  • If you're not already aquainted with the MobilityWOD ( - get onto it. "The Mobility WOD is about improving your capacity to be in a good position during movement, to improve performance and avoid injury". Movement and mobility guru and all round supple leopard, Kelly Starrett, is an endless source of amusement and a wealth of knowledge. He provides daily mobility pieces that will highlight then conquer any issues you have.
Don't forget we offer a half hour mobility session at 5am on a Friday. Yes, I know it's early but you can turn up in PJ's, mobilise then head back to bed (yes, this has been done!!)! It's always good for a few early morning laughs too!     

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday 21st September

Front Squat (Box)
3 x 3
Front Squat
2 x 3

Saturday 19th September

30 minute AMRAP:
In Pairs:
10 Power Clean & Jerks (60/40kg)
20 Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls (9/6kg)
200m Run

Friday 18th September

25 minute AMRAP:
In Pairs:
20 Partner Slams (9/6kg)
15 Box Jumps
10 Partner Burpees
200m Slam Ball Run

Thursday 17th September

16 minute AMRAP:
3 Muscle-ups
10 Push Jerks (42.5/30kg)
20 Double Unders

Wednesday 16th September

Strict Press
5 x 5

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday 15th September

8 rounds:
30 sec on/off:
Max 1 SN Deadlift + 1 Power SN + 1 Hang Power SN (50/35kg)
REST 1 minute
8 rounds:
30 sec on/off:
Max Bar Burpees
REST 1 minute
8 rounds:
30 sec on/off:
Max Double Unders

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday 14th September

HB Back Squat (Box)
3 x 5
HB Back Squat
2 x 5

Saturday 12th September

EMOM 10 minutes:
1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean (increase weight across all sets)
3 rounds for time:
10 Toes to Bar
15 Power Cleans (75/50kg)
21 Wall Balls (9/6kg)

Friday 11th September

“Heavy Jackie”
For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (40/32.5kg)
30 Pull-ups

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday 10th September

4 rounds for time:
7 Hang Power Snatch (40/30kg)
14 Push Jerks (40/30kg)
21 Sit-ups
1 x Floating Block Run –  must be completed during WOD

Wednesday 9th September

5 rounds:
7 Floor Press
14 Air Squats
200m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes

Tuesday 8th September

10 rounds:
1 minute on/off:
6 Deadlifts @ 50%
12 Box Jumps
18 Toes to Bar

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday 7th September


Saturday 5th September

For time:
Thrusters (40/27.5kg)
Power Snatch (40/27.5kg)
Complete 3 rope climbs after each set

Friday 4th September

8 rounds for time:
30 Double Unders
10 Toes to Bar
8 rounds for time:
10 Wall Balls (9/6kg)
20m Burpee Broad Jump

Thursday 3rd September

20 minute AMRAP:
In Pairs:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 C2B Pull-ups
15 KB Swings (32/24kg)
20 KB Twists (L+R = 2)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday 2nd September

MAX WG Bench Press

Tuesday 1st September

7 rounds:
2 minutes on/off:
Ascending Ladder
Power C & J (60/40kg)
Double Unders (x 10)