Monday, May 14, 2012

MONDAY 14th April 2012

Deadlift 3-2-1-1-1-1-1

Australasian CrossFit Games Regional Competition
CrossFit 2600 is sending a team and one individual athlete to the Regional CrossFit Games in Wollongong this weekend, we thought you should meet the team!
Most of them will be familiar to Team 2600 members as coaches putting you through your paces at the box, but here’s a little bit more info about each of them.
Only two Canberra-based boxes will join the 28 other teams from Australia and New Zealand at the Wollongong games. This is CrossFit 2600’s second Regional competition and the second time we have sent a team and individual athletes. At 2600 our aim is to help you achieve your fitness goals and our coaches are aiming for a few goals of their own at Regionals.
The team will head to Wollongong on Thursday afternoon, which means classes will be interrupted while the competition is being held. The final class for this week (14 May to 20 May) will be 9.30am Thursday 17 May. We will be back to normal classes on Monday 21 May. We appreciate your understanding for the closure. Many of you will be joining us to support the team and Michael Roach in the Gong – if you’re interested in coming along tickets can be purchased at

Team Leader: Kai Brownlie
How long have you been doing crossfit?: five years
Favourite thing about CrossFit? It makes you look like Arnold, and accountable for your own workout, there’s no hiding.
Favourite thing about 2600: The members
Hardest movement to get: handstand walks
Most looking forward to about Regionals?: Watching "Pumping Iron" thursday night to gee myself up, then being in the competition atmosphere and pushing myself to the limit.


  1. Birchy knew exactly where to find that Arnie photo. I wonder how much time he spends on the fan video site?

  2. Is that KBs fansite, everyday the no6 rocks!!!

  3. The No. 6 train leaves for the Gong in 2 days, express. Good engine but its the caboose that gets the second looks, eh ladies?

  4. Sightings don't happen enough - that's the problem, Snipes !

  5. Team 2600 motto - If it bleeds, we can kill it - Arnie, Predator 1987