Sunday, February 6, 2011


For those that zone enjoy but you paleo fans need not read any further.

Make it yourself muesli

Since most commercial brands add sugar, making it yourself gives you control of the content. Go easy on the dried fruit, it packs a lot more fructose per volume than fresh stuff.

1kg rolled oats (one packet)

200g pepitas (one packet)

200g sunflower kernels (one packet)

Two of: 75g dried goji berries (half packet) – supposedly a wonder berry

125g sultanas (half/third packet),

200g dried diced apricots (one packet)

100g dried blueberries (one packet)

50g LSA mix (about a quarter packet)

Serve with skim milk or low fat yoghurt and fresh berries in season.

Leave out the rolled oats and LSA for a home made trail mix.

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