Monday, February 14, 2011

Ben Sectionals 2010


BBQ season so a BBQ Chook recipe for the tribe.

Honey and Soy Chook


2 large tablespoons of honey (organic of course)

¼ cup of gluten-free soy sauce (low salt if you can find it)

2 cloves of garlic crushed

A thumb-top-sized chunk of fresh ginger – about an inch (2.5cm) - finely sliced julienne

1 small red chilli – seeded – finely sliced

80-100ml olive oil or macadamia nut oil works too (Omega 3!)

Splash of sesame oil (a small amount goes a long way)

Splash of sherry (optional) – the alcohol cooks out so it’s really just fancy grape juice – honestly

Mix all of these ingredients in a large bowl until the honey is dissolved.


500-1kg chook – the free-range I buy is usually about 600g and there is enough marinade to do up to a kilo.

Cut chook thighs into half – check for bone fragments and remove any excess fat left on the meat.

Add chook to the marinade, cover and keep in the fridge for at least an hour. You can prepare this a day ahead of needing it too.


Best cooked over coals but can be cooked on a ridged grill pan (stove top) or at a pinch in the oven on tray preferably on a cooking rack (150 fan-forced, 170 otherwise). Baste with remaining marinade. Time – 30-45 minutes depending on how thick the chook is, how hot your fire etc etc etc.

Serve with a garden salad. My garden salad.... baby spinach leaves, rocket, avocado, home-grown fresh tomato, cucumber, olives, capsicum, mushrooms and asparagus. Chop into good size chunks that you can get your fork into and don’t forget to steam and blanche your asparagus.

Health Note:

Throw away unused marinade it’s got raw chicken juices in it - yewwwhh

Enjoy, cheers Chris


  1. Yum. I did a rotisserie chook yesterday with paprika, bit of salt and butter. Baste it every 20 mins or so. Easy and delicious.

  2. Sounds yummy too. I've a few more chook recipes to come. And will try this too - haven't used the rotisserie since the significant-other roasted the Xmas turkey a couple of years ago.