Friday, January 22, 2016

 Here is a great offer by our friends next door at assauge massage if you havnt got a massage from them before. I keep on top of my mobility but every time i see them they find a area that needs work straight away. Get on top of issues before they become injuries, massage is a great tool for this.

“I had no idea I was that sore/tight...!!”
(Why and when is massage an important addition to your self-care)

The most frequent cause of injuries we (massage therapists) see in clients is;
A substantial, recent change in exercise type, frequency, or volume.
Some examples include:
·        Taking up a new sport.
·        Increased distance in the build up to a marathon.
·        Increased intensity in the build up to the Crossfit Open.
·        Increased volume as part of a new training program.
All of the above points are good things to do, but need to be done gradually to minimise the risk of injury.
There are plenty of self-care and mobility techniques you can use to manage muscle tension yourself. So much so that Kelly Starrett has been able to write two good books on the topic.
…BUT …many of your potential injury areas are tight well before you are aware of it and you can sustain an injury in an area where you have felt no pain prior to the event.
The number one most common thing we here from clients is;
“I had no idea I was that sore/tight...!!”
Everyone has different level of body awareness, but even some of the most ‘body aware’ people I’ve treated have been unaware of significant problems areas.
If these areas are not found and addressed early enough then they can significantly increase the risk of injury.

Have you:
·        Just started at Crossfit?
·        Taken some time off and are hitting your exercise with avengance for 2016?
·        Made plans to compete in the Crossfit open?
·        Had injuries in the past that are worrying you?

Yes? Then it’s time to book a massage.

Ask one of our Coaches for a voucher for $30 off your initial consult.
…or click on the link to download one

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